P621 135

The Service is to operate to and from Magdalen College School, Brackley and is required to pick-up and set-down passengers as per Service Routes outlined below.

Students need to have their bus passes with them at all times and need to show them when requested.

Cheney Coaches
Routes BW 4, 6, 7

Jeffs Coaches Route 5

Stagecoach - Route 80 with non concessionary to Buckingham

Langston &Tasker - to Westbury/Turweston (Bus Pass via your County Council)

The Bus Companies tries their best to make sure buses do arrive on time but occasionally there will be unavoidable delays. Their advice is that students should wait 30 minutes from the time the bus is due before walking home. Although students will arrive late for school this will prevent a whole day being missed unnecessarily.