Examination Information

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Certificate Collection Day – 7th January 2020

We have arranged a certificate collection day on Tuesday 7th January 2020 from 8am until 4pm.

The certificates can be collected from the Exams Office at the St Johns site. If you stand in the High Street with your back to the public toilets there is a black door mark Exams Office. Please ring the doorbell to gain access.

Certificates need to be signed for as they are valuable documents. If a student is unable to collect them, they may give written authority to someone else to collect them on their behalf. The person needs to be named in the authority and to bring photo ID to prove they are the person named.

We will not release certificates without written authority. Emails and phone calls will not be acceptable.

Certificates cannot be posted out as we need a signature to confirm receipt for them.

This applies equally to parents and carers.

General information

Students will experience a full range of exams during their time at Magdalen College School. Information will be available for students and parents once the exam timetable is in place for the next academic year.

Students are invited into school during August to collect their results for their GCSE / A Level examination results. Arrangements for this are sent to students during the summer term.

If you have any queries or concerns that your son / daughter may have over any exams that they are preparing for please speak to their form tutor in the first instance.