Result Days

Results days are as follows:

  • Year 13 students – 16 August 9am – 10am.
  • Year 12 students – 16 August 9.30am – 10am.
  • Year 11 students – 23 August 9am – 10am

Results slips are available to candidates at the above times. Any uncollected results for students in years 11 and 13 will be posted by 2nd  class post at 1pm. Any uncollected results slips for students in year 12 will be given out by registration tutors at the start of term in September. If you wish your results to arrive sooner please give a SAE with 1st class postage into either reception or the Exams Office before the end of the summer term (any posted into school during the holidays will not be received by the school until September and cannot therefore be acted upon on results days).

If a student is unable to collect their results in person they may nominate someone to collect them on their behalf. This person must bring with them the student’s written authority to collect the results on their behalf and proof of identity. THIS APPLIES EQUALLY TO PARENTS/CARERS.

Members of the Exams Office, sixth form team and Teaching Staff will be available on results days to offer support and advice.

Any Year 13 student who wish to make an enquiry about their grades because it affects their university place should ensure they speak to a member of the sixth Form team or the Exams office staff on results day. If any student wishes a remark or copy script, there are tight deadlines so you should contact the Exams Office as soon as school re-opens.