GCSE results

We are absolutely delighted with the grades our students have achieved this summer.

Students have worked particularly hard this year, as there have been significant changes to the exam system for most subjects this summer.  These changes have meant that there is very little coursework to be undertaken during the course, and a big increase in the number of final exams that candidates have to sit at the end of year 11.

It is clear that our students have risen to these challenges and achieved at least as well as expected and significantly better in many cases.  Our initial analysis shows that the school’s overall grades indicate an improvement on last year’s grades, with pupils, on average, making more progress this year than last year.

(Some subjects are still using grades A* - G.  The new grade 9 is a higher achievement than a grade A*).

We are looking forward to welcoming many pupils back to the sixth form to continue their studies at Magdalen.

Congratulations to all pupils and thanks to parents and staff for their support and hard work.  We wish all students the very best in the next stage of their education.