Aims, Objectives and Ethos

P621 6


To provide an inspiring educational experience for young people to make a positive difference to the life of each individual:

  • enabling each pupil to achieve their full potential as learners
  • developing pupils’ ability to make a positive contribution to the community


We aim to inspire pupils to develop:

  • a curiosity for the world around them and to value their learning as well as the resulting outcomes
  • passion and pride in what they do
  • the resilience to achieve success
  • the ability to be economically successful


We value motivation, commitment, success.

We share the ambition to do the very best that we can and to value excellence in all that we do.  We value commitment - hard work and engagement in learning, full participation in the life of the school that leads to success.

All members of the school community are encouraged to support the education of everyone and the teamwork that enables this to be successful.  Relationships are built on mutual respect, leading to an inclusive, harmonious community.