Staff List

 Staff Coll

Senior Leadership Team 
Mr I Colling   Headteacher
Mr T Hollis   Deputy Headteacher
Mr I Horner   Assistant Headteacher
Mrs H Tudor - Price   Assistant Headteacher & Primary Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mr W Jakeman   Assistant Headteacher
Mrs J Creasey   Business Director
General Enquiries    A member of the administration team will forward on your message.
Leaders of Learning  
Mrs E Tye   Leader of Learning for Year 7
Ms L Goyder   Leader of Learning for Year 8
Mr S Reed   Leader of Learning for Year 9
Mrs H Tudor Price   Leader of Learning for Year 10
Miss A Berrington   Leader of Learning for Year 11
Mrs S Clitheroe   Director of Sixth Form
Art, Design & Technology   
Mr H Auld   Head of Faculty
Mr D Copas   Teacher of Technology
Mrs G Garner   Teacher of Textiles
Mr A Wynne   Teacher of Art and Technology
Mr P Bradbury   Teacher of Technology
Miss P Childs   Teacher of Art
Miss N King   Teacher of Food Technology
Mrs W Tims   Teacher of Food Technology
Miss N Roddis   Teacher of Computer Science
Mr M McCaffery   Teacher of Computer Science
Mrs J Whitwood   Food Technician 
Miss M Shaw   Art Display Technician
Mr P Barracliffe   D&T Technician
Expressive & Performing Arts  
Mr A Wittich-Jackson   Head of Faculty
Mr I Taylor   Second in Faculty
Mr S Reed   Teacher of Physical Education
Mr J Rose   Teacher of Physical Education
Miss H Timbrell   Teacher of Physical Education
Mrs M Wilson   Teacher of Physical Education
Mrs S Clitheroe   Teacher of Business Studies
Mrs K Williams   Teacher of Business Studies
Mr I Blunsdon   Teacher of Music
Mrs E Clarke   Teacher of Music
Ms C Thomas   Teacher of Performing Arts
Mrs D Davies   Head of Faculty for Inclusion and SENCO/Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mrs E Dixon   Lead Learning Support Assistant
Mrs M Uttley   Lead Learning Support Assistant Literacy
Mrs C Cox   Behaviour Support Learning Mentor
Mrs S Davis   Inclusion Learning Mentor
Mrs S Higgins   Learning Support Assistant
Miss L Hughes   Learning Support Assistant
Miss L Neesome   Learning Support Assistant
Mr C Ross   Learning Support Assistant
Miss S Rudolf   Learning Support Assistant
Ms S Sales   Learning Support Assistant
Mrs J Stanton   Learning Support Assistant
Mrs E Whitmee   Learning Support Assistant
Dr N Dixon   Head of Faculty
Miss K McTeer   Second in Faculty
Mrs J Bailey   Second in Faculty
Miss A Charles   Teacher of Science
Mr M Doughty   Teacher of Science
Mrs J Gilmore   Teacher of Science
Ms L Goyder   Teacher of Science
Mrs C Hall   Teacher of Science (Part-Time)
Dr P Michaelides   Teacher of Science
Mrs M Swan   Teacher of Science
Mrs C Chapman   Science Technician
Mrs H Davison   Science Technician
Mrs S Evans   Science Technician (Part-Time)
Dr M Kasandrinou   Head of Faculty
Miss E Kite   Second in Faculty
Ms J Winney   Second in Faculty; Subject Leader for English GUTP
Mr R McMinn   Teacher of English
Mrs P Piccardo   Teacher of English
Mr M Roberts   Teacher of English
Mr R Willett   Teacher of English
Mrs G Begent   Teacher of English
Miss K Lilley   Head of Faculty
Miss L Maltby   Second in Faculty
Mrs J Dutton   Assistant Head of Faculty
Mr T Hughes   Teacher of History, G & T Co-ordinator
Miss J Biggar   Teacher of RE
Miss E Tye   Teacher of History
Mr M Elvin   Teacher of Geography
Mrs L Williams   Teacher of RE
Miss C Pringle   Teacher of Social Science
Miss C Wright   Teacher of Psychology
Mrs A Balan   Teacher of Social Science
Mrs N Auld   Teacher of History
Mrs A Percival   Head of Faculty
Mr J Pinsent   Second in Faculty
Miss C Brown   Teacher of Maths
Miss A Berrington   Teacher of Maths
Miss E Giordano   Teacher of Maths
Mr R Pearson   Teacher of Maths
Mrs B Prescott   Teacher of Maths
Mr S Reed   Teacher of Maths
Mr J Sam   Teacher of Maths
Mr M Tyler   Teacher of Maths
Dr H Wolfenden   Head of Department
Mrs A Arroyo   Teacher of Modern Languages
Mrs K Golding   Teacher of Modern Languages
Mrs M P Perry   Teacher of Modern Languages
6th Form  
Mrs S Clitheroe   Director of Sixth Form
Mr M Percival   TGC Manager
Ms J Houghton   Librarian
Exams Team  
Mrs A Ranson   Examination & Data Manager
Mrs H Carpenter   Examinations Administrator
Student Services  
Ms A Jones   Year 11 Pastoral Support Manager/ Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mrs E Andrews   Year 10 Pastoral Support Assistant
Mrs L Scott   Year 9 Pastoral Support Assistant
Mrs R Allum   Year 8 Pastoral Support Assistant
Mrs R Evans   Year 7 Pastoral Support Assistant
Mrs K Chambers   Pastoral Admin Assistant
Mrs Y Jones   Attendance Officer /Crossings supervisor
Mrs L Berrill   Crossings supervisor
Finance Team  
Mrs E Wade   Bursar
Mrs E Ball   HR/Payroll Administrator
Mrs L Wright   Senior Finance Assistant
ICT Technical Support Team  
Mr C Davis   ICT Network Manager
Mrs C Andrews   Assistant ICT Network Manager
Mrs P McDaid   ICT Support Technician
Admin Team  
Mrs A Brady   Administration Manager
Mrs S Vincent   Administration Assistant
Mrs S King   Cover Manager
Mrs F Stringer   Cover Supervisor
Mrs L Clayton   Reprographics Manager
Mrs K Woodward   Receptionist/Admin Assistant
Mrs P Boyles   Admin Assistant (Part-Time)
Mrs L Berill   Hospitality administrator
Faculty Admin Support Team  
Mrs H Scholefield   Faculty Admin Co-ordinator
Mrs H Devine   Faculty Admin Support
Mrs C Findlay   Faculty Admin Support
Mrs J Thomas   Faculty Admin  Support
Miss M Shaw   Art Display Technician
Premises Team  
Mr K Wakelin   Premises and Health and Safety Manager
Mr C Brewerton   Caretaker
Mr S Currell   Caretaker
Mr W Martin   Caretaker
Mr R Reading   Security Caretaker (Evenings)
Lunchtime Supervisors  
Mrs L Berrill    Lunchtime Supervisor Co-ordinator
Mrs J Ayres   Mrs A Macconnachie
Mrs C Bishop   Mrs S McKenna
Mrs K Dawson   Mrs H Pearson
Ms A Ditcham   Mr N Taylor
Mrs J Gates   Mrs Y Jones