School Planners

All pupils are issued with a school planner annually. They are expected to bring their planner to school every day as it will be required in tutor time and in most lessons. The school planner serves many purposes, not least it contains a wealth of information about our school that pupils, parents and carers are asked to read and refer back to throughout the year.

Pupils are required to record their homework daily in their planner; they should record the instructions for the task on the date set and the date the homework is due to be handed in. Homework will also be recorded on Go 4 Schools. We ask parents and carers to review the homework completed and to sign the planner weekly to acknowledge that this has happened. Parents and carers can also use the planner to record any notes for the subject teacher or the form tutor on the appropriate page and ask their child to show their teacher.

Your child’s form tutor will review the use of the planner weekly to ensure that pupils are recording their homework accurately as well as checking that pupils have shared this information with parents and carers.

If a pupil is wearing their uniform incorrectly, has items missing or persistently arrives with no equipment for lessons they will receive a signature from a member of staff on the sanctions record page. If this occurs more than twice they will receive a school sanction.

Pupils can also use their planner to record website addresses and class passwords for use at home.

If a pupil loses their planner they are expected to purchase a new one from Student Services as soon as possible.