Personal, Cultural, Social, Health and Economic Education (PCSHE) is the title given to a broad area of the curriculum which teaches students the life-skills necessary to lead a safe, productive and fulfilled life and to make a positive contribution to society.

All students in all years have one timetabled lesson each fortnight where topics such as ‘Relationships and Sex Education’, Personal Finance, Healthy education, Careers advice, Mental health, and the impact of social media, are explored and discussed.  This compliments the work of the form tutor, the assembly programme, the extended learning day programme and SMSC elements across the academic curriculum.

In the ever changing, diverse world in which we live, all students need to be equipped with the understanding, knowledge, skills and attributes they need to keep themselves safe and healthy, physically, mentally and socially. They need to be prepared for life and work, whilst developing the skills necessary to take an active role in their community and manage their lives effectively.

This is achieved through a programme of study which is designed to support our students in developing relevant and appropriate life skills, through lessons, assemblies, extended learning days, guest speakers, and visits, and through encouraging students’ full involvement in school life including the Magdalen diploma, sports teams, music clubs, drama productions, peer mentoring, bullying ambassadors and fund raising and so on

An overview of the PCSHE provision is mapped in each year group.

An overview of specific RSE and HE content is shown below.

Relationships and Sex Education, and Health Education – summary of curriculum content