School Meals

Pupils are able to purchase a wide selection of hot and cold, snacks and meals from the school canteen. The canteen is open for breakfast from 8am and pupils can sit in the Walter Knibbs Dining Room to eat breakfast before school if they wish to. The canteen reopens at morning break and lunchtime to all pupils and staff. Pupils can sit in the Waynflete Hall or the Walter Knibbs Dining Room to eat and drink at these times or if they prefer they can go outside. The canteen offers a range of different foods and is able to meet pupils’ individual dietary requirements.

The canteen on the St John’s site is open throughout the day for all students, with certain items available only to years 12 and 13 (certain drinks and baked goods).

Pupils may bring in a packed lunch if they wish to.

Pupils in years 7 – 11 are not allowed off-site at lunchtime unless they have a lunch pass to go home for lunch.

Free School Meals

For information and to see whether you are eligible to claim free school meals for your child/ren please go to the NCC website - Free School Meals. There is the opportunity to apply online.  Parents of eligible pupils should still register for cashless catering but you do not need to credit your account with any money. The account will be credited by the school with the sum of £2.50 per day, although parents may supplement this with additional credit if they wish. Any queries regarding Free School Meals should be directed to Mrs R Martin on 01280 846305 or by email to

Click here to visit ParentPay website. Please remember you can add money to your child's account.

Catering - Innovate

The canteen lunch menus are split into three weeks which rotate with a break menu available every week. Available daily: Vegetarian option, jacket potatoes with various fillings, a full deli range, a selection of desert pots, fresh fruit compilations, assorted tray bakes. Allergy information available on request from the kitchen.

Innovate is the academy’s catering contractor, below is a letter explaining the increase to their meal tariffs effective from September 2023. The cost of the Blue Dot offer is rising from £2.35 to £2.50. The value of Free School Meals is also rising to £2.50 to match this increase. 

Parent Letter - Tariff change from Innovate, Sept 2023

Canteen Week 1 MenuInnovate Non Halal Restaurant Menu FOH Print A3 WEEK1
Canteen Week 2 Menu

Innovate Non Halal Restaurant Menu FOH Print A3 Week 2

Canteen Week 3 Menu

Innovate Non Halal Restaurant Menu FOH Print A3 WEEK 3

Tariff September 2023

Tariff September Menu

 Blue Dot Deals £2.50

 BLue Dot Deal sept 23

Credit Refunds 

To request a refund or to transfer the balance on your catering account to a sibling when a student leaves the school, please contact:

Low Balance Alerts

To set up alerts when your child's account has a low balance, head to the communication tab at the top of ParentPay and click on the 'Change Alert Settings' button which will take you to the screen below. Here you are able to set a balance threshold, tick the box for email or text alert and you will be sent a notification when the balance drops below this so you are able to top up and ensure your child has enough funds to purchase food in the canteen.

Parentpay Low Balance Alerts 01