What will happen if my child is ill during the school day?

If your child becomes ill during the day, he or she should report to Student Services (Sixth Form office) and he or she will be seen by a qualified first aider, who will advise as to whether your child will need to go home or can continue in school. In the event of your child needing to go home, a member of staff will contact you. Pupils should not ring their parents during the day asking to be collected from the school because they do not feel well.

Prescription Medicines

If there are occasions when your child needs to bring prescribed medicines into school, they should be left with the designated staff in Student Services (or Sixth Form office for Sixthformers). You will be required to provide written permission for administration. Please click the below link to download the form:

Parental Agreement for Medication 

Permission for Administration

You will also be required to give full directions for use as well as completing a Health Care Plan afterwards. These will be reviewed when necessary but always annually.

Health Care Plan

Prescribed medicines should always be delivered to school in its original container and clearly labelled with the following information:

  • Student’s name
  • Name of medication
  • Dosage
  • Frequency of dosage
  • Date of dispensing
  • Storage requirements
  • Expiry date (if applicable)

These medications will be kept in the First Aid room in a locked cabinet and will be made available to students as required. The date, time and dosage taken will be recorded by a suitably trained member of staff.

If your child already takes prescribed medication during the course of the school day, this will continue to be the case, and the trained member of staff will administer the medication according to the directions currently held on file.


Health Care Plan 


Pastoral Support Assistants

Year 7
Mrs Butler

Year 8
Mrs Wiseman

Year 9
Mrs Pillinger

Year 10
Mrs Ashton

Year 11
Mrs Millan Ramos

Sixth Form
Mrs Chambers


Pupils should carry their own epipen or inhaler. All epipen and inhaler users are required to supply the school with two labelled spares which will be stored in Student Services at Waynflete and St Johns. Pupils will know where their spare device is stored in case of an emergency. It is not the School’s responsibility to check and inform parents about expiry dates.


We are unable to hold non-prescription drugs in school for pupils. If it is anticipated that students will need to take a non-prescription drug, e.g. a hay fever tablet, during the course of the school day, the pupil should bring in sufficient medication for that day only and the form “Request for Child to carry own medication” should be completed and returned to student services where it will be kept on file. Please click on the link below to download the form:

Request for Child to carry own medication

Request for Child to carry own Medication

A separate form should be completed for each medicine a student is to carry. If your child takes prescribed paracetamol for example this would then be administered and stored as per the guidelines above for prescribed medication. The request form is also available at reception and Student Services or Sixth Form office.