Extended Project Qualification

The Extended Project Qualification provides students with the opportunity to develop their independent research skills alongside their core A Level subjects. Universities and employers attach high value to the transferable skills that are enhanced by undertaking the EPQ. It benefits the student as it’s an academic qualification, which is equivalent to an AS level and carries UCAS points, plus it also develops life-long learning and project skills. Students plan and research an independent project then apply what they’ve learnt in the creation of an original portfolio of work which can be a dissertation, performance or artwork. Teachers are on hand to guide students through their work but this is an opportunity for students to really indulge a passionate interest or continue to pursue a subject they were not able to take at A-level.

“EPQ taught me skills I have never used before like research and analysis that I know will help me when I do my university dissertation” Current y12 EPQ student

“I wasn’t able to take Art as an A-level because of my career choice so EPQ allowed me to continue with Art alongside my A-levels and allowed me to deal with some issues I was having in a positive way, I really enjoyed my project” Current y12 EPQ student