Pastoral Care

We provide outstanding pastoral care at Magdalen College School. We know that it is essential for pupils to feel happy and comfortable at school, in order to be able to achieve their best and make the most of the opportunities we offer pupils.

What does pastoral care look like at Magdalen?

When a pupil starts at Magdalen they are placed into a tutor group with a form tutor. We hope that each tutor will remain with their tutees from years 7 to 11 and they will register on the Waynflete site. In year 12 pupils are placed in to a new tutor group, but we make every effort to ensure that information is shared amongst the team and that the transition is as seamless as possible. Pupils in years 12 and 13 register on the St. John’s site, which is also their base for private study.

Form tutors in all years, are the main point of contact for pupils at the start of the day. They will register the pupils; deal with any queries or immediate pastoral concerns. Tutors are expected to; share information, notices, check pupil planners and uniform as well provide structured activities and opportunities for review and reflection. Tutors in most instances should be the first point of contact between home and school, however please remember that they are teachers and may not be able to respond straight away.

Each team of tutors is led by a Leader of Learning who moves through the school with the year group. The Leaders of Learning monitor the overall progress of pupils’ learning as well as their engagement in classwork and homework. The Leader of Learning has oversight of pupil behaviour and monitors closely behaviours, both positive and negative and will take appropriate action to support pupils, staff and home with any issues. They lead assemblies as well as helping to foster a year group identity with the support of their tutor team.

The Leaders of Learning are each supported by a dedicated Pastoral Support Assistant, who will deal with attendance issues as well as pastoral concerns and first aid. The Pastoral Support assistants work closely with the Leader of Learning and are non-teaching staff, and as such they are more available throughout the day should you or your child have any concerns or issues. The Pastoral Support Assistants work together in Student Services and are managed by the Pastoral Support Manager. The Pastoral Support team also comprises of two administrative assistants who are responsible for recording attendance, dealing with transport issues and the school sanctions system. In addition we have a part-time school counsellor and an Education Welfare Advisor.

During non-contact times, including when the pupils are moving between sites, school staff, lunchtime supervisors and year 12 prefects are on duty to support pupils.

Before and after school pupils are able to access the school library and attend homework club in the Inclusion Faculty on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Pupils are able to purchase breakfast daily, from the Walter Knibbs dining room.

There are occasions when pupils are unable to attend lessons for a variety of reasons, if this is the case pupils will be able to spend some time in the Inclusion Faculty. The Inclusion team are able to provide a range of opportunities, such as behaviour management advice, guided learning opportunities, as well as reflection and reviewing opportunities

The Inclusion Faculty works closely with the Leaders of Learning and the Pastoral Team. They will review provision for individual pupils on a regular basis to ensure that a pupils’ needs are being met.