We believe that learning a language is an exciting and enjoyable challenge for all students. In language lessons, we aim to create a supportive environment, where students feel comfortable speaking in the target language, and are not afraid to make mistakes. We use a variety of teaching activities in order to develop students’ communication skills, and all students have the opportunity to work with our foreign language assistants. Students are also encouraged to enhance their learning independently using a number of language websites and through film, music and literature.

In Years 7 and 8 students study both French and German, building upon language skills obtained at primary school. Our aim is to provide students with a solid foundation in both languages, which can be built upon for future language learning.

German and French are very different languages, which reduces confusion between the two. Studying two languages at once boosts brainpower, improves communication skills, and helps students to spot similarities and differences between languages, including their own. It also improves cultural awareness, making students more open-minded and tolerant of different cultures.

All year 7 pupils have the opportunity to participate in a day trip to Boulogne, where we make croissants in a local bakery, complete a town trail, and visit local attractions. We also run several extra-curricular activities to help students to develop their language skills, including: language competitions, a KS3 language club; and a Yr 8 Language Leader programme.


MFL Curriculum Tables French Y7 8


MFL Curriculum German Y7 8

From Year 9 students can opt to study French, German or both languages. We follow the AQA GCSE specification, and students study a variety of topics within three key themes: Identity and Culture; Local, national, international and global areas of interest; Current and future study and employment. We run an annual residential trip, alternating between France and Germany. Students are also encouraged to participate in lunchtime speaking clubs. GCSE students will have regular small group sessions with our language assistants.

GCSE French

MFL Curriculum GCSE French

GCSE German

MFL Curriculum GCSE German

In Years 12 & 13 we follow the Edexcel A-Level French and German courses.

For French, students study the following four key themes: Changes in French society; political and artistic culture in French-speaking countries; immigration and the multicultural French society; the Occupation and the Resistance. Students will also study the film Les Intouchables and a literary text, Un Sac de Billes.

For German, students study the following four key themes: The development of society in Germany; the political and artistic culture in German- speaking countries; immigration and the multi-cultural German society; German Re-unification. Students will also study the film Goodbye Lenin and the novel Ich Fühl mich so Fifty-Fifty.

A-Level linguists will additionally have one-to-one / small group lessons with our language assistants and have the opportunity to develop their leadership skills by helping to co-ordinate activities for the KS3 and KS4 language clubs.

A Level French
MFL Curriculum A Level FrenchA Level German

MFL Curriculum A Level German