The Waynflete Scholarship

Magdalen Scholarship


The opportunity to research an academic subject with the guidance of an external university tutor gives students unparalleled insight into the nature of the subjects that they pursue and prepares them for university study this is why our brightest students are invited to take part in the Magdalen Scholarship programme with our sister school in Oxford. An introductory programme of lectures and seminars will offer participants insight from world renowned experts before students embark on individual investigations in any subject to answer the burning questions they are passionate about.

 This exceptional opportunity is available only to our sixth form and has proven to give our students a competitive edge when making university or job applications.


“It’s given me the confidence to talk about my subject in depth at interview, so much more than if I had just read a book or an article. It’s something striking which makes you stand out” Current MCS year 13 student

“The most special thing is that it’s your choice and you can really get creative with a topic that interests you the most” Current year 12

“During an open day at Birmingham university I talked to the course lecturer about my Waynflete project, they told me they were impressed and would look out for my application- it got me my place” Ex-MCS Student

“The student brought in some really complex ideas and theories that I am actually currently teaching at Masters’ level” Psychology tutor, University of Oxford