Snow Closures

Despite snow being forecast during winter months, the school is only closed in exceptional circumstances.


In the unlikely event of closure we will always try to give parents as much notice as possible. Text messages will be sent to parents (and staff) to inform them of the decision to close the school and the decision will be posted on the front page of the school’s website and on social media.


We will liaise with bus operators, but parents and carers are advised that delays are sometimes inevitable due to traffic and weather disruption.


If for safety reasons we have to decide on closure part way through a school day because of deteriorating conditions, we will update the website and use the text/email system to inform parents. Parents are advised to discuss with their children where they should go and how to communicate with them in the event of early closure.


In the event that a parent is unable to get a child to school because of the weather conditions, they should contact the absence line, in the normal way.


Regardless of weather conditions public examinations are never rescheduled