Expressive & Performing Arts

In the Expressive & Performing Arts Faculty students will learn how to communicate and empathise with each other. They will develop creativity and thinking skills, learning how to solve problems, and how to maintain a healthy active lifestyle. Students will consider themselves and the world around them.

Years 7 & 8

Every student studies each of the faculty subject disciplines. The specific order of experiences may vary due to the availability of resources.

Drama - students explore a range of issues and ideas, as they develop skills within three key areas; Devising, Performing and Evaluating.

Music - a wide-ranging curriculum explores many different styles of music. Students play, sing, compose, listen to and discuss music.

Games – a broad and balanced range of sports and activities improves physical skills, creativity, Leadership, decision making, fitness and a healthy active lifestyle. The focus in Year 7 is on acquiring skills; in Year 8 on developing these skills and improving performance.


Drama Curriculum 2021 2022 Y7 8


Music Curriculum 2021 2022 Y7 8


Games Curriculum 2021 2022 Y7 8

Students typically encounter and individual/indoor activity and an outdoor/games activity in each rotation. Groups are arranged by gender, and students will experience a range of activities over time. Particular sports include: Rugby, Hockey, Badminton, Netball, Football, Cross-Country, Basketball, Cricket, Tennis, Rounders and Softball.

Years 9, 10 & 11 - Subject disciplines are offered to all students within the GCSE Options process. Each discipline in the Expressive and Performing Arts faculty provides increased challenge with time to develop personal responses alongside knowledge and skills.

Games remains part of the core curriculum for all students. They will develop their technique and improve their performance in other competitive sports or non-competitive physical activities. In year 9 students concentrate on using tactics and strategy to improve performance. The Games curriculum in Years 10 & 11 develops a lifelong involvement in sport, maintaining health and fitness. Students encounter a range of sports and activities in rotation over time.

Drama – all students explore a range of ideas and texts as makers and performers. Students work collaboratively to develop ideas and communicate meaning. As the curriculum develops students become more confident in their use of different dramatic conventions, forms and techniques.

Music – the curriculum explores a wide range of music from a variety of cultures and genres. Students experience these different aspects of the discipline through the common areas of Performing, Composing and Appraising.

PE - students study the theory behind health and performance and how fitness impacts on the different body systems. Working in practical and theory sessions, students will develop and apply their knowledge of topics including applied anatomy, sports psychology, socio-cultural influences and physical training.

GCSE Games

Games Curriculum 2021 2022 GCSE

GCSE Drama

Drama Curriculum 2021 2022 GCSE

GCSE Music

Music Curriculum 2021 2022 GCSE


PE Curriculum 2021 2022 GCSE

Years 12 & 13 - The Expressive and Performing Arts faculty offers three disciplines for further study in the Sixth Form. There is an increase in challenge, complexity and content, as students become more knowledgeable and skilful.

Drama – Students will build on their previous learning about Theatre; exploring a range of play texts and significant theatre makers. The curriculum is focused on building understanding through a practical approach. Students will develop their own responses, and their ability to use dramatic form, style and conventions to communicate ideas to an audience

Music – Performing, Composing and Appraising remain at the heart of the Music curriculum. Exploration of key developments in Music through time, including the development of the symphony, builds students’ understanding and experience. Students develop composition and performance across the range of genres, styles and periods.

PE – Increased specialisation in the PE curriculum moves from a focus on students’ own performance to elite sportspeople. The curriculum explores topics such as exercise physiology and applied movement analysis. Wider issues regarding modern sport and recreation are studied, alongside a consideration of how local, national and international level provision supports elite performance. Students apply their learning to their own sporting performance.

A Level Drama

Drama Curriculum 2021 2022 A Level

*All Y12 units interspersed with ‘Storytelling’ and ‘Live Performance Evaluation’.

A Level Music

Music Curriculum 2021 2022 A Level

A Level PE

PE Curriculum 2021 2022 A Level


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