Year 7 Transition

At Magdalen College School, we realise that moving from primary to secondary school can sometimes be daunting for children and parents. We have established a yearlong transition process to make the experience as successful as possible.

We are excited to fully open our doors to our prospective year 7 students and their families at the end of September. Thank you to all of you who are interested in joining the Magdalen School community – we hope that we will be able to show you what we’re all about and give you the opportunity to ask and find out anything and everything you need. The open evening will constitute an evening that allows you to meet key staff and learn about the subjects taught at Magdalen, as well as meeting our senior students and finding your way around our sites. There will also be opportunities for you to book onto school tours during the daytime, to see the school in its everyday mode and gain an understanding of the real Magdalen experience.

Once pupils have received their offer, the Leader of Learning, SENCO and Pastoral Support Assistant will visit pupils in their primary schools to talk to them about life at Magdalen and answer any queries they may have. Our staff will also liaise closely with staff in the primary schools during these visits as well as during regular, more formal meetings throughout the year.

Transition week

All pupils who have been allocated a place at Magdalen College School will attend our transition week, 1 to 5 July 2024. We expect all students at 8:45am in their current primary school uniform to attend an assembly at Waynflete Hall.  During this week pupils will be placed in their tutor groups and meet their form tutors as well as participating in lessons they will have subjects in the following September. Although we expect our new intake to work hard during this week we also provide opportunities for them to become familiar with our split site school, meet a range of different staff, participate in team building activities and a range of competitions. At the end of this week pupils leave us exhausted but excited to start.