Online Platforms

All students are provided with a school IT user account which provides them with access to Microsoft Office365, and to Google’s G-Suite. These platforms provide the entry point to online resources which may be used in particular subjects or at particular stages.

Every student will be taught how to log-in to:

  • Office365 which includes their school email address. Emails to this address should be checked regularly. This also provides the main area for students to share their work online
  • G Suite which includes Google Classroom and Drive. This platform supports online learning and a second area for saving work
    (Teachers will make clear to students which of these main platforms are to be used for specific tasks)
  • Go4Schools so that they can see and tick off homework tasks. Students can also see their Behaviour and Attendance records


In addition to these platforms, subjects use a number of online resources. Students will be given instructions and help logging on to each of these as needed. Examples of platforms that subjects are planning to use in 2020-21 include: