Catch-up Programmes

We run catch-up programmes for students in Literacy (English) and Maths. We get to know students as soon as they join us in Year 7 and use a range of diagnostic tests to help us identify who will benefit from this input.

Students allocated a place on the ‘Fresh Start’ Literacy intervention will work in a small group for 4 hours a week. This time is spread across different lessons so that they are still able to access the full breadth of the Academic Curriculum. Students will usually be working on this programme for around half the school year in the first instance. Where it is needed we will continue work with students beyond the end of Year 7.

A further group of Year 7 students are offered support through an online Reading support programme with some time during registration, and time spent on this at home.

We also run a Maths catch-up programme with a mixture of small group and online work.