School Uniform
We consider appearance to be of the utmost importance and therefore expect all pupils who attend the school to wear uniform in Years 7 - 11.  If pupils fail to wear the correct uniform they will be challenged, and ultimately contact will be made with parents.

Our school uniform is available to purchase from:
T King Associates Ltd
Unit 14 Swan Business Centre,
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Telephone: 01280 824836
Fax: 01280 824853
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We are currently in the process of updating our school uniform policy to better reflect our evolving community and ethos. Please note that any information regarding the current uniform displayed on this page will not be relevant after the end of this academic year.

The new uniform policy and dress code are still under consideration and we will share the updated uniform guidelines as soon as they are confirmed. Thank you for your patience and understanding. - March 2024

  • Black blazer with Magdalen College School badge.
  • Approved Magdalen College School Skirt
  • Plain black trousers. Black jeans or leggings are NOT permitted
  • White shirt with collar (long or short sleeve) or a white revere blouse (girls only)
  • MCS tie, fully knotted, and worn so that fastened top button cannot be seen (boys only)
  • Plain black or white socks, or plain black or flesh coloured tights (no patterns)
  • Black school shoes (leather or equivalent). Trainers, boots or any type of canvas shoe/ boot/ trainer are not permitted. Any logo must be black
  •  Optional black jumper with MCS logo to only be worn under the blazer.
  •  Belt, optional, but must be plain black with small buckle.

The only acceptable items are 1 small plain gold or silver stud earring in each ear, and a watch. Any other piercings of any kind are not permitted.

Make Up

Should be unnoticeable. No nail varnish or fake nails are allowed. Any students wearing nail varnish or fake nails will be asked to remove them.


Natural colours only. Stripes, blocks, patterns and shaved lines are not acceptable.


  • MCS Polo shirt with logo
  • PE Shorts - navy blue
  • MCS Socks – blue
  • Socks – white
  • Training shoes
  • Shin pads


  • Gum Shield


  • MCS Rugby shirt with logo
  • MCS Hoody with logo
  • Blue Thermal base layer
  • Tracksuit trousers (navy blue or black)
  • Football boots
  • MCS Leggings with logo

For safety in Rugby, studs must be ‘rugby legal’. Metal ‘blade’ style studs and some nylon studs are illegal for rugby. Rugby or football boots are needed for grass use only.

Astroturf trainers or standard trainers are needed for the artificial pitch. No studded or bladed boots are allowed on the astro-turf pitch.

Please note that all MCS items are only available for purchase from:

T King Associates Ltd
Unit 14 Swan Business Centre,
MK18 1TB

Telephone: 01280 824836
Fax: 01280 824853
Email: sales@tkingassociates.com


Pupils are not required to wear school uniform in years 12 and 13. However they are expected to follow the dress code as outlined in the student planner. These guidelines allow for individuality, practicality, safety. Pupils are required to dress in such a way as to not embarrass or cause offence and to create a positive image for the sixth form and the younger pupils.

Equipment List

Pupils are required to bring their books and equipment in an appropriate school bag. Most pupils need to carry their belongings around with them for much of the day so a suitable, strong and waterproof bag is recommended.

All students should have the following equipment for all lessons:
  • Standard pencil case and planner
  • Black pen, green pen, 2 pencils, Rubber, 30cm ruler
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Set of colouring pencils
  • Set of 3 or 5 highlighter pens for English
  • A protective apron for practical subjects
  • A strong bag for carrying books and equipment
  • Reusable water bottle


If your child chooses and Art subject, they will be given a list of equipment to purchase and this can be done at a discount through the schools.

Design and Technology
  • Coloured Pencil crayons
  • Marker pens, Scissors (round ended), Glue stick
  • Protractor
  • Pair of compasses
Food Technology
  • Apron
  • Ingredients
  • A pair of in-ear earphones for use with IT equipment
  • Scientific calculator
  • Angle measure/protractor
  • Pair of compasses

    Please note that all of the above is available from the library


  • Protractor


  • As above plus scientific calculator


Some pupils will have the opportunity to rent a locker, further details about this will be shared on entry to the school


The School Equipment Store

Parents/carers can buy books and other equipment from our online equipment store either via parentpay. Please note it is the parents' responsibility to inform their child(ren) to collect the items from the School Library once purchased.

The link below is currently showing items for purchase, please revisit as it is regularly updated.