Pupils are expected to attend school every day, be punctual and prepared for their day. Attendance is key to your son or daughter’s achievement in school and we are pleased that our parents / families support us in this area. All pupils should aim for 100% attendance and we expect a minimum of 96%. Pupils are expected to attend registration on arrival at school and if for any reason they are late into school they must sign in at Student Services. We expect absences to be kept to a minimum: routine medical and dental appointments should be arranged out of school hours wherever possible.  If your son or daughter must leave school during the day for any reason, then they are asked to bring in a note in advance of the date so that arrangements can be made.

 If you have any concerns about your son / daughter’s attendance please do speak to their form tutor or Pastoral Support assistant as soon as possible. For additional information please see our Attendance Policy

To advise of any absences in Years 7-11 please email (or phone 01280 846323) and for Sixth Form please email Thank you.

Please note we are unable to approve any holiday in Term Time except in exceptional circumstances.

For more guidelines regarding this please see: School Attendance

The School Day

Lesson Times


8.45 - 9.05

Form Time/Assembly

9.05 -10.05

1st lesson

10.05 -11.10

2nd lesson

11.10 -11.30


11.30 -12.30

3rd lesson

12.30 -1.35

4th lesson

1.35 -2.10


2.10 -3.10

5th lesson


End of school