Social Science

Social Science is an academic discipline concerned with society and the relationships among individuals within a society. Based at the historical St Johns site of MCS, the Social Sciences faculty covers a whole range of subjects including Business, Economics, Psychology, Sociology and Health and Social Care, predominantly teaching students from Year 9 onwards.

The social science team of teachers are passionate about delivering a high standard of education to all students of all abilities. We have high expectations and hope to inspire a love for learning within social science subjects, which will lead to great academic achievement and an understanding of the world beyond the classroom. We aim to develop knowledge and understanding of human behaviour, and the environment we live in. To foster the development of critical thinking, to inspire students to ask insightful questions and facilitate purposeful and sensitive discussions.

In Years 9, 10 & 11 students may begin their Social Science curriculum. In Business studies we explore real business issues and how businesses work whilst in Sociology, students gain knowledge and understanding of key social institutions and how and how they have an impact on behaviour.

Across both disciplines, students will develop their ability to: Investigate facts and make deductions; Develop opinions and new ideas; Analyse and better understand the world we live in.

GCSE Business Studies

Business Curriculum 2021 2022 GCSE

GCSE Sociology

Sociology Curriculum 2021 2022 GCSE

In Years 12 & 13 there is a wider range of disciplines offered in the Social Sciences with Economics, Health & Social Care and Psychology joining Business and Sociology. Our Social Science subjects are wonderfully varied, preparing students for further study, work and positive contributions to society in future.

The scope is broad, but these subjects are united by one thing: a focus on understanding the workings of human society.

A Level Business Studies

Business Curriculum 2021 2022 A Level

A Level Economics

Economics Curriculum 2021 2022 A Level

A Level Health & Social Care

Health Curriculum 2021 2022 A Level

A Level Psychology

Psychology Curriculum 2021 2022 A Level

A Level Sociology

Sociology Curriculum 2021 2022 A Level