Year 6 into 7

Admission to Year 7 in September 2021

At Magdalen College School, we realise that moving from primary to secondary school can sometimes be daunting for children and parents. At Magdalen we have established a year long transition process to make the experience as successful as possible.

This year’s Open Evening will be taking place online to minimise risk of transmission of Covid-19.  Details will be published on our website in due course.

Parents or carers will need to complete a Common Application Form by 5pm on 31 October 2020 with your local county council. All students whose statement of special educational needs (SEN) or Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP) name the school as the most appropriate provision will be admitted. The link to Northamptonshire County Council's admission team is: NCC Year 7 admission

Please see our main school prospectus for information on our school.

School Prospectus

Please see the letter from NCC to all parents of Year 6 applying for a school place by 31 October 2020. NCC letter

Oversubscription criteria

Places will be allocated to pupils who have a statement of special educational needs that names the school as appropriate provision. When there are more applications for places than there are places available, priority will be given in the following order:

1.    Children in public care (looked after children) or previously in public care.

2.    Pupils who live in the linked area associated with the school: Astwell, Aynho, Brackley, Charlton, Croughton, Crowfield. Evenley, Falcutt, Halse, Helmdon, Hinton-in-the-Hedges, Newbottle, Radstone, Silverstone, Steane, Syresham, Whitfield. 

3.    Pupils who will have an older brother or sister continuing at Magdalen College School at the time of admission of the younger child.

4.    Pupils attending the designated contributory Primary Schools: Bracken Leas, Brackley Junior, Croughton All Saints, Helmdon, Newbottle and Charlton, Southfield Primary, Silverstone, Syresham and continuing in attendance until the final offer of places is made.

5.    Other pupils


Distance tiebreaker

If the admissions number is exceeded within criterion (ii), priority will be given to those who live furthest from the nearest alternative school. If the admissions number is exceeded within any other criterion, priority will be given to those who live closest to the school, using NCC’s GIS.


Transition from Primary School

All students in our local feeder schools will receive an invite to our Year 7 Open Evening. This year’s Open Evening will be taking place online to minimise risk of transmission of Covid-19.  Details will be published on our website in due course.

Once pupils have received their offers, the Leader of Learning, SENCO and Pastoral Support Assistant will visit students in their primary schools to talk to them about life at Magdalen and answer any queries they may have. Our staff will also liaise closely with staff in the primary schools during these visits as well as during regular more formal meetings throughout the year.

Pupils in our feeder primaries will be expected to complete transition work prior to transition week in July in a variety of subjects. Their year 6 teachers will be aware of the projects and will support the students with these.

All pupils who have been allocated a place at Magdalen College School will attend our transition week in the summer term. During this week students will work in their tutor groups and meet their form tutors as well as participating in the lessons they will have subjects in for the following September. Although we expect our new pupils to work hard during this week we also provide opportunities for them to become familiar with our split site school, meet a range of different staff, participate in team building activities and a range of competitions. At the end of this week students leave us exhausted but excited to start.

In July we hold an information evening for parents presentations from the Headteacher, Leader of Learning and your child’s new form tutor. There are opportunities to ask for advice and ask questions as well as uniform displays and opportunities to purchase uniform. We look forward to welcoming your child to Magdalen College School.