We think about our curriculum as the whole educational experience for each student. This includes subject lessons; tutor time and assemblies; our Extended Learning Days; PCSHE lessons and activities; visits, clubs and volunteering.


Every student at Magdalen is entitled to the full breadth and depth of the curriculum. By providing this sequence of structured opportunities we will ensure that students:

  • study and appreciate the value of all curriculum disciplines
  • develop personal skills and ‘character’
  • experience academic rigour and challenge as they build knowledge
  • understand the relationship between their own life experiences, and those of others in the world


Our curriculum, and the information on the following pages, is organised into two broad areas: the Academic Curriculum, and the Personal Development Curriculum.


These two areas work together to support, challenge and develop young people throughout their school career. At the end of these curriculum journeys students will be well-prepared for their next steps in study, work, society and life.