GCSEs, which begin in year 9, comprise a core offer which leads to 6GCSEs:

  • English language
  • English literature
  • Mathematics
  • Combined Science (2x GCSEs which cover Biology, Chemistry and Physics)
  • Religious studies

In addition, students also study a further four GCSE courses which they choose.  These courses should ensure that students continue with a broad and balanced curriculum that develops a range of skills and knowledge and prepares them for a range of futures, both as people and as workers.  A programme is followed in school during the Spring term of year 8 which supports them in making these choices; activities include:

  • Individual discussions between parents/carers, students and a member of staff at a calendared event
  • An information evening (real or virtual) where information from subject specialists is shared

Information regarding individual subjects, including guidance for making choices can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYc2AWJ4Hj8_oCbnQesjcxDxuwAX9foVb

The courses currently on offer to students are shown in the curriculum outlines on Year Group pages, and on the Subjects and Boards page. The specific courses may be different in any given year.