Vision for Exceptional Education at Magdalen:  2020-2024
Curriculum design
  • Provision of a universal curriculum for all pupils to age 18 which:
    • provides of appropriate breadth, irrespective of pupils’ individual subject choices
    • supports their character development and their personal skills as well as the academic
    • provides pupils with an understanding of the relationship between their lives and those of others in the world – past, present and future
    • encourages an appreciation of all curricular disciplines
  • Subject curricula:
    • contain carefully thought-out content
    • are appropriately sequenced to maximise pupils’ ability to acquire new knowledge and skills
    • make explicit how the knowledge and skills learned interrelate with other subject areas and material learned at previous key stages
  • Delivery of the curriculum is through:
    • Subject lessons
    • Extended learning days
    • Tutor programme
    • Educational visits
    • Extra-curricular activities
  • High quality teaching in which:
    • highly skilled subject-specialist teachers deliver the curriculum using expert knowledge of the subject content and how to ensure excellent understanding by each individual pupil
    • teachers integrate assessment and feedback into their teaching to enable them to develop pupils’ understanding and retention of the taught content
    • teachers tackle misconceptions that pupils may have and address these promptly to ensure that understanding is precise.
    • lessons are rarely interrupted by disruptive behaviour
  • This is achieved by:
    • A rigorous recruitment, development and retention process as outlined in the Staffing and Staff Development section
    • Increased empowerment of colleagues that lead learning, at all levels, to be actively engaged in the on-going development of classroom practice through a shared reflection on the quality of classroom provision, as highlighted by various quality assurance processes.
    • Expert, flexible and context-specific application of the Assessment, Marking and Feedback policy.
Personal development opportunities
  • A coherent personal development curriculum from year 7 to 13 which supports pupils’ wider development including:
    • personal skills and qualities
    • preparedness for work and further study
    • development of attitudes and behaviours appropriate for life in modern Britain and beyond
  • Personal development is delivered through:
    • Assemblies and the tutor programme
    • Extended learning days
    • Extra-curricular provision
    • Magdalen diploma
    • Careers programme
    • Individual pastoral support provision
    • Student leadership and community roles within school and beyond

To support exceptional education provision high quality resources are required: staff, leadership and premises.

Staffing and staff development
  • A coherent programme of professional development and training for staff which:
    • improves pupils’ outcomes and experiences through the development of leading learning in the classroom, across subjects and faculties, and across the whole school
    • supports a culture where colleagues feel empowered and engendered to drive their own development.
  • Programme strands enable development of:
    • individual classroom practice
    • whole school practices
    • capacity of colleagues to progress professionally
  • Recruitment strategy that enables the very best personnel to be appointed
  • Clarity of vision to underpin effective development
  • Leadership culture which supports the empowerment of stakeholders in bringing about improvements and the wellbeing of staff
  • Leadership capacity to drive improvements and provide day-to-day management
  • Sufficient high-quality specialist facilities for each curriculum area provide fit-for-purpose spaces for curriculum delivery
  • Excellent facilities to support the wider life of the school including unstructured times for recreation, study and provision of food