Please be advised that the admission process for Year 11 into Sixth form has now started.

You are invited with your child to attend the open evening on 3 November, 6pm - 8pm, when you will have the opportunity to meet, with your child, the Sixth Form Team, to speak with subject teachers specifically about the courses available, to look at examples of students work, to discover the content, the skills & the assessments involved; you will also find out more about what your child would do, day by day, if they joined Magdalen sixth form.

We are encouraging all students to attend - for some to confirm subjects at what may be their main option, for some to decide between a several possible options, and for some to decide what to do if Magdalen is their 'plan b' (everybody should have a firm Plan B!)

To complete an application for Sixth Form, please use this form:  SIXTH FORM APPLICATION FORM

The initial deadline for applications is Friday, 9th December 2022. This information will be used to recruit teachers, and to create classes and options blocks which will be confirmed and published in June 2023. Students are welcome to apply after the December deadline right up until September 2023, but choices and choice combinations may not be included in creating options blocks.