Covid and Flu Vaccinations

We now have dates for vaccinations for Flu and COVID for some students in Years 7 - 11. Flu jabs are on 2 - 3/11/21. COVID jabs will be on 25 - 26/11/21.
The eligibiltiy for Flu vaccination is 2 years - 15 years (not 16 year olds) and the eligiblity for COVID vaccination is 12 years - 15 years (not 16 year olds and over; or 11 year olds). This excludes some in Year 7 and Year 11 and Years 12 and 13. If your are 16 years and older, you can book a COVID vaccination at a local vaccination centre via the NHS website.
There will be a rota for these which will accommodate the mock exams. Both of these vaccination rounds will take place in the Gym.
Consent forms for the Flu vaccination have been sent to parents/carers via ParentMail. It is essential that the consent form is completed and returned to the School Aged Immunisation Service as soon as possible but no later than Friday, 29 October if you would like your child to receive the flu vaccination. Students will not receive the vaccination unless a completed form is received. The school is unable to take verbal consent on the day and students cannot self-consent.
Consent forms for the COVID vaccination will be sent at a later date.