Strike days 5th and 7th July

Dear parents and carers

You will have heard from the media that there are further strikes planned by teachers who are members of the NEU.  These will take place on 5th and 7th July.  As 7th July is a training day this will not affect pupils.

On 5th July, the school will remain open to years 8, 10 and 12.  This decision has been reached based on the likely available staffing on that day, based on the timetable for that day.

We recognise that this will cause disruption for families of other year groups, and I would politely remind you that the dispute is between the NEU and its members, and the government.

I am unaware of any details of any further planned strike action between now and the end of the summer term.


Yours sincerely

I H Colling (Mr)