Y8 GCSE Options

Subject: Overview of GCSE Options Process

Please be advised that the  process by which year 8 students choose their GCSE options begins Tuesday 17th January 2023, with an assembly from Mr Horner (Assistant Headteacher), who manages the process. 

Important dates to note are:

  • Tuesday 17th January 2023: Information assembly for students about the GCSE process and guidance about choosing options
  • Thursday 26th January 2023 4:30-7pm : an online 1:1 interview (using Schoolcloud) between student and parents / carers and a teacher, about the GCSE process and what makes a ‘broad and balanced curriculum’
  • Thursday 2nd February 2023 6-8pm:  The GCSE Options evening -  There will be a presentation in Wodhams, and subject teachers  will be available in Waynflete Hall area at the front of the school to discuss their courses
  • Monday 6th March 2023: deadline for online applications
  • May 2023: students will be informed of their options after the summer half term.

Further details about these events will follow. 

Students will study 4 option subjects in addition to Maths, English, Double Science, RE, plus games & PCSHE (not GCSE courses). We ask students to select 5 subjects they would be happy to study, to give us flexibility in planning.  Students must choose at least one from: History, Geography, Computer Science, Triple Science, French or German. It is worth mentioning at this point that it will not be possible to swap courses in September. If students cannot be allocated 4 of their 5 choices, both parents / carers and the student will be consulted before they are allocated another subject.

Students are encouraged to build for themselves a ‘broad and balanced curriculum’ -  their curriculum is not and should not be considered training for a job,  it is a broad education and a foundation for any job and is intended to enable students to take their proper place in society in all that entails. Students should choose subjects they are passionate about and interested in, that together teach them a range of knowledge and skills for the future.

Queries about the options process should be sent to Mr Horner (ian.horner@magdalen.northants.sch.uk)