Y8 GCSE Options

Dear Parent/Carer,

Guidance and resources for choosing GCSE options for September 2021 is being sent directly to students via their school email address this afternoon. This takes the form of a Powerpoint presentation that must be viewed as a slideshow to access links to further resources. These resources include the assembly to students I would normally give, the information presentation for parents, explanations by subject teachers, details regarding exam boards and course outlines, and also the online application form which must be submitted by Thursday 11th March please.

Additionally, there is a link to a query form - if you or your child have any questions regarding either specific subjects, the options process, or about how to combine different subjects into a broad and balanced curriculum, please use this form.

So that you can view what has been shared with students directly, we have created a YouTube playlist of GCSE options presentations by subject teachers here.

The playlist begins with my presentation for parents followed by a similar presentation for students (you can skip past the student video if you choose, it covers similar material to yours). You will see on the right-hand side of your screen a list of subject videos in the Y8 GCSE Options playlist; skip ahead to any subjects you are interested in by clicking on the video in this list. All videos in the PowerPoint that students have access to are included in the video description on YouTube. If you can't access the videos, or if you child can't access the Options Resources, please let me know.

Ian Horner

Assistant Headteacher